collection of moments

briefly considered making an instagram for these, but decided against it — i recently made one for a prototyping assignment in my social computing class and realized it's become even worse (imo) than when i quit it in 2018, and didn't really enjoy using it

autumn 2020, little rock
sinusoidal sparrow flight

sparrows flying up-and-down in a blob

summer 2020, little rock
watercolor sky / speeding lights / sky-facing flower / egg-yolk sun (thanks taylor) / pink clouds / grazing

blue and purple dark sky with mountain silouhettecar lights stretched out over bridgepink flower facing skyred sun setting over mountains and riverpuffy pink & gray clouds in blue skytwo canada geese grazing on grass

spring 2020, little rock
grasping at light — still unsure why i took this pic

open hand grasping at streak of light

really struggled with putting the rest of these together, since i'm not much of a picture taker & habitually delete my entire camera roll sans backup ✌️

spring 2019, 泰安市 (tai'an) and 青岛市 (qingdao)
(not my pictures; experienced vicariously through my mom)
huoguo (hot pot) / lanterns / mountaintop / waves / fog

table with plates of raw meat, vegetables, and fruits for hot potilluminated lanterns with chinese writing on dark backgroundwalking area with mountaintops in backgroundwaves crashing on dock with tall building in backgroundskyscrapers rising into fog

spring 2015, boston

younger me at table with calculator and pencils
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